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Cradle to Cradle


Daas Baksteen has obtained the cradle-to-cradle certificate of the Environmental Protection and Encouragement Agency (EPEA), the research institute of Michael Braungart and William McDonough, founders of Cradle to Cradle. This certificate is only granted to products that are recyclable or can be continuously re-used in the industrial process. Daas Baksteen was the first manufacturer of ceramic building materials to receive this certificate. 



Before obtaining this certificate, the organisation was assessed at various levels, with the EPEA criteria strongly exceeding the environmental legislation in place. 

1. Material, material purity (composition of raw materials) and information on raw materials and suppliers.

2. Recycling, potential: the extent to which the products can be infinitely recycled (up-cycling instead of down-cycling to waste). 

3. Energy usage: the extent to which renewable energy is used. 

4. Water management: the extent to which water usage is managed in an environmentally-friendly way and re-used through water purification and closed water circuits. 

5. Working conditions: the extent to which Daas Baksteen and its suppliers adhere to sound ethics and proper health and safety conditions throughout the raw materials chain. 

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