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About Daas


Bricks by Daas Baksteen give every project a distinctive look. They are not only extremely durable, but also timelessly beautiful.


Our facing bricks and pavers are manufactured at three plants: De Nijverheid and De Volharding in Zeddam, and De Vlijt in Winterswijk. These well-equipped plants produce hand-made bricks, Revito moulded bricks, waterstruck bricks and extruded bricks using the latest techniques.


Our bricks are green


Our clay extraction sites are getting greener by the day. Following the extraction, the land is cultivated into new green areas, where wetlands become new biotopes for flora and fauna. Did you know that the influx of clay is greater than the amount of clay that is required for the production of heavy clay industry, making it a renewable resource? Behind our factory in Zeddam lies the largest solar park in the Netherlands; 100% of the power generated in this 8-ha solar park with 36.000 panels goes towards our production. Moreover, we have reduced the size of our bricks


We join forces to build an even better world


Daas Baksteen enjoys working with other parties - from architects to clients and contractors - to create Walls of Fame! We also aim to be a source of inspiration for our partners. Our extensive range of bricks allows for every creative idea to become a smart solution. Together we aim to build a better world!


Daas Baksteen provides a wealth of inspiration for every architect. Our extensive range of bricks encourages creative solutions. By keeping constant tabs on market developments, identified needs can continuously be translated into new ranges with regard to structure, size and colour. ClickBrick®, a patented system for dry stack bricks for external wall cladding, is a clear example of the innovative power of Daas Baksteen.

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